Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thought for the Day

....thoughts by 'Maxine'...
"I hate housework! You make
The beds, do the dishes and
Six months later you have to
Do it all over again!!"


Lins Honeyman said...

It's the same with showers! (Joke) ;-D)

His Girl Friday said...

hahahahaha....yep, thar's nuthin like them Saturdey nite baths in the metal tub next to the ta be smellin purty fer church!! ;)

ciara said...

now this sounds like me lol

Endlessly restless said...

Well, if you choose to spring clean you're bound to double your work!!

SecretWishes said...

Still laughing with this one

Wonder what Maxine is doing right now lol

His Girl Friday said...

Hi SW,
don't worry, I've a few more Maxine moments to share later on, thanks to an email.... :))

Ciara, ER
...what's the saying...a home that's clean enough to be healthy, and messy enough to be happy... :)

storyteller said...

I'll be chuckling all day about this one ... thanks for sharing. I fear that I have more in common with Maxine than I care to acknowledge.

I'm glad you and TB found your "surprises" and hope you're both enjoying the weekend. If you checked the little box to receive follow up in email, you'll know I've responded on my blogs as usual.
Hugs and blessings,

That Hideous Man said...

Tell me about it! :-))