Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Thoughts while waiting for Hubby

I sit looking up through the Constantina wire to the not so distant hills and reflect on the beauty of the sun's warm glow illuminating the sky as it slowly sinks on the horizon. The fresh cool air of the dusk surrounds me as I hear the chatter of children playing and birds chirping. The sounds of the vehicles on the road behind me, remind me of the busyness of the day still at hand.

Glancing up at the sharp barbs on the wire, barbs that would tear to shreds anyone attempting to go over them, I hear sirens across from me sound off, lights flashing, fire engine and medical units rolling to someone's assistance, the need unknown to me. As my eyes return to the barbed wire, a Sheriff's helicopter flies overhead. It reminds me of my husband's friend who died this week. He was younger than me, too young to be gone; I'm sad for his loss, one of many who were too young.

Into the far parking lot a car pulls in, its suspension lowered, the radio blasting loud thump thump music. Thank goodness they didn't stay long. My eyes go back to the barbed wire to see the fading sunlight accentuating the sharp barbs against the paling evening sky. Barbed wire, friend to some, foe to others. I wonder if in our own lives we utilize barbed wire not thinking how razor sharp the edges of those barbs can be?

A protective barrier that deters others from entering into areas that we wish cordoned off safe from anyone's infringement, yet damaging to those who try to reach through to us. But just as the barbs have two edges, so does our defenses. For if we string up too much barbed wire and make the sharing of ourselves impassible, we are the ones who end up confined.

Be wise in the choice of who and when to share of yourself, but be bold in the endeavor. Living behind the protective safety of the barbed wire, only imprisons yourself.

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."


SecretWishes said...

Random Thoughts while waiting for Hubby

Liked this lots but don't agree with all of it.
But does get some great points over :-)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, what on earth was hubby doing, getting paroled??

Endlessly restless said...

I liked this - as someone who could be described as a loner, with hermit crab tendencies, I've learned over the years to be more open and to let others in - and invite them in.

The real isolation and confinement come when we let other people define who we are, not when we let them see who we are - I think?

His Girl Friday said...

SW, thanks for stopping by...would love to hear your thoughts.

This really was rather random thoughts jotted down on piece of paper, because I was rather bored waiting on him inside....and no, he wasn't being paroled, haha.

ER, " The real isolation and confinement come when we let other people define who we are, not when we let them see who we are - I think?"
---I absolutely agree, and think you are spot on with this!!

SecretWishes said...

Oh hope I didn’t offend you with what I said

I just feel some people may not look at the wire or anything as being confining it could make them feel a little more safe in themselves!

There are so many people out there with Social Phobias and the wire etc would be a comfort to them

Just my opinion But I loved the post itself and enjoyed it very much :-)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi SW,
it would be difficult to offend me!! :)) I just wanted to hear what you had to say! :)

lucy said...

lovely post. i loved the movement from your random thoughts to the focus on the barbed wire to the use of metaphor for life. sounds like something i might try to do :-)

i think you defined it well, that for some the wire is protection & safety, but it can also be exclusionary and isolating.

ER--like your definition of isolation and confinement!