Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can you come out to play?!

The are pics from last October in the city park when we were visiting friends in Bend, Oregon. The park is absolutely lovely, and quite peaceful. Now, this really has absolutely nothing to do with what I was going to post on today, other than the slightest connection of vague memories of my great-grandmother taking me to the local park near Chester, Pennsylvania. Or, another odd account of taking my then 80-something grandfather shopping to the antique store and his comments of seeing things in there that he or his mother had used....and my, he must be old! (he was quite witty, and my writing does not do his comment justice)

What I'm trying to get out in my pre-coffee haze, is that we're never too old; and, with all of the 'drama, angst, and ennui' that adult life can bring, when we might come to realize that 'life' has not become what we seemed/dreamed it would be, or we planned for this, but that turned out....etc, etc, (and this does not apply to everyone, nor in entirety....just a wonderful blanket statement, that you can take from as you wish...), finally getting to the point....please watch this simple video of people who I don't even know, but I absolutely love the message: You're never too old to try new things, explore, create! Bring that child out to play, today!
....even a 99year old can do it!!!
(I think she won the Limerick challenge for this year..... :D)