Friday, November 9, 2007

Wild Mountain Thyme


Lins Honeyman said...

Great version by The Silencers. Stirs your heart, don't it?

storyteller said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the song and video. Reminds me I need to learn how to do this myself!

Exhaling to reassure myself that everything will come in it's own time if I just relax and continue. In the meantime ... I'll just enjoy the music!
Hugs and blessings,

Endlessly restless said...

Fantastic - makes me realise how much we neglect our cultural heritage. Maybe we need to be reminded of this more often.

Scots said...

just one word .... beautiful x

His Girl Friday said...

Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it!!

There's a nice Celtic/Bluegrass take on the soundtrack from the Am Civil War film, Cold Mountain, but this version by the Silencers is more upbeat...and I liked their video! :)

ER, I think being aware of your cultural heritage is important..sense of the past, focus for the future, or something like that! :)

Fuchsia Girl said...

Loved the music - very moving. Not heard of The Silencers before - are they from across the big pond?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Fuschia Girl,
I think the band is Scottish, but via YouTube I heard another song in a French venue, so,...I'm not sure! ;)
...perhaps Lins would know!

I was already familiar with the song, and I really like their upbeat version which I first heard while browsing YouTube. :)

Lins Honeyman said...

Yep, Fuchsia Girl, the Silencers are a Scottish band from Glasgow. Still going strong, I believe.

His Girl Friday said...

Thanks, Lins! :)

George B. said...

I have heard this song done by two other groups one know as Brigham Phillips and Friends, and another group. The other group was excellent but I can’t recall their name right now. This rendition by The Silencers and the other group are excellent, but The Silencers’ rendition has been the best of the three. The song is also on the CD “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” by Brigham Phillips and Friends. I wish I could recall the other group’s name; they play up and down the West Coast. I think they are our of Oregon.

It brings back the images of years gone by when I was traveling the one-lane roads southeast of Harrogate, and west of Skipton Castle, England; through the small towns and villages of Deerstones and Blubberhouses. Over the hills, alone, no other vehicle on the roads, no houses for kilometers, no trees over the hills, the heather goes on for miles. By Deerstones and Blubberhouses there are some trees.

The Silencers' webpage is:
If you get their actual home page it is in French. Go to the bottom of the page and click the English button.

"The band signs to BMG in France and Permanent in Britain and, during the summer of 94, record So Be It. At the same time, they are contacted by the Scottish Tourist Board to record Wild Mountain Thyme for an advertising campain - they take time off from the album to do this."