Monday, November 12, 2007

Ain True Love

This is a song from the American Civil War film, 'Cold Mountain'. Haunting and timeless. I do not know these people, yet their story speaks to me, as I've had family/friends serving in war zones.
I was recently visiting family in Pennsylvania and I took my 13yr old son to Gettysburg. The museum there was awesome with its artifacts, photos and personal stories of the people.
Haunting and timeless.
It brought back childhood memories of playing in my uncle's family barn...there was an old storage area, and amongst the old this and thats, I found an old Civil War uniform left hanging there as if it were worn yesterday. I was afraid to touch it, but I always wondered about the man who wore it.


Scots said...

VERY powerful x

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Scots,
I thought so too! I love this song from the film. I thought they did a great job with their video.

IrishSmurph said...

I'm glad you liked my vid. That's so cool that you found the uniform. I find it amazing when I finds things like that, because I do the same thing as you and wonder who that person was and how their things came to be here.