Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The worlds first engineer

Life is a Balancing act, somewhere with feeling deeply and laughing heartily. I hope you enjoy this video, it gave me a chuckle...ah, human nature, it is what it is, sometimes!


storyteller said...

I'm still chuckling! Thanks for sharing. Tell me, how does one FIND such video clips to share in this manner?

Scots said...

hahahahaha .... this is a great ad. I laughed when it first came on tv .... very funny :o)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Scots,
yep, this one is pretty funny!! I've got a few more to share, depending when the mood strikes!! ;)

Hi Storyteller,
well, this one happened my way via a friend's email, I think...however, One can find these Silly vids, using the five senses:

1. sense of adventure to investigate YouTube,
2. warped sense of humour, to a degree, as to which words to enter for 'search'
3. sense of irresponsibility, throw caution to the wind occasionally
4. sense that time management for home and hearth has gone to pot, so might as well go 'surfing'
5. sense of timing of when to post said funny
(just for fyi: hit YouTube share button and scroll down to 'post to blog')

Engineering Student of Tomorrow said...

I always wondered why Dad was an engineer, his two brothers and my three cousins.

Who says and engineer's life ain't excit'n?

Replay .......