Friday, November 23, 2007

Born into Wealth

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
-Preamble, US Constitution

"Born into Wealth"....That was what her name meant translated into English. She was born at term but was in the NICU/SCBU for observation. Her parents came here about 5 months ago. Whether they were here legally or not, I don’t know, we’re not allowed to ask, but at least they spoke English. I do not begrudge them for wanting a better life for themselves and their baby. Their country is not known for its upholding of human rights. Given a similar situation, who’s to say I wouldn’t do the same. And, no doubt, from where they came from, this does appear the Land of Plenty. As I was giving the discharge instructions, they asked if they could have more diapers and formula from the hospital as they didn’t have much of that at home. They were nicely dressed, and the mother’s hair well coifed from a salon visit. Their follow up appointment for the baby was at the taxpayer’s subsidized county clinic. About 80% of the patients we see here, where I work, are on some form of assistance, and they keep having more babies….immigrants and home-grown 3rd generation welfare. Most of us working stiffs have as many babies as we can afford, and have personal responsibility to take precautions to help ensure that. How much longer is our Government going to allow the abuse of what was supposed to be a Social Safety Net for those who’ve fallen on hard times, or though working, are still less fortunate? The Land of Plenty used to mean: come here, work hard, exercise personal responsibility, have the opportunity to own your own property, and have abundant opportunity to better yourself through hard work, and make this a better place to live for all of us. However, I’ve found the majority of the people who are on assistance do not have an attitude of thankfulness, but of entitlement…'why should I have to work when I can get it for free'; and, our Government allows this at the expense of the people who do work hard to try and better themselves. Yes, their baby was born into wealth, and We the People are paying for it.


ciara said...

i hate how people abuse the system. i admit to being on assistance for two years while i was suffering from dizziness that went on that entire time. it was more for the medical than anything else. with the dizziness, came the fear to drive anywhere. luckily, when we moved out of the house we were in, i got better and got off the assistance. but i had seen so many on assistance with cadillacs or any other nice car. but the whole 'entitlement' thing, puhleez, i think we should call it what is is LAZINESS. really, these illegals should stop making babies when they know damn well they can't afford em. hell, working stiffs usually can't either, but at least we know our limits.

His Girl Friday said...

I had to work over Thanksgiving, and Friday, so when I think of what the holiday means, and then you have to deal with these people...I just get very frustrated.

I had two gal pals who had to go on assistance when they were younger. They were stay at home moms, and their husbands just up and left, and did not give any child support. The assistance helped them stay afloat, and they both educated themselves, were able to get good jobs, and get off the dole(which they were ashamed to be on) One is now working on her doctorate, and they've both been able to buy their own homes.

So, with that said, I do believe in the 'helping hand' but I honestly cringe at what is going on now. What kind of future will my kids have if they keep piling on taxes to pay for these people?!
We're hoping to leave California (retire away), but we're not sure where to yet. :/
(glad yer better) :)

Fuchsia Girl said...

It's a global problem I'm afraid.

Even here on beautiful Mull where everyone works hard at 2 or 3 jobs (mostly self-employed), in order to live, we have people who milk the system for as much as they can before they move on to somewhere else and start all over again.

I'm a great believer in 'reaping what you sow' and 'what comes around, goes around'. Somewhere along the line, things will change for these people.

Just tuck in guys and do your best with honourable intent.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Fuschia Girl,

I do understand that ya'll have it just as bad.... :(
It's just frustrating that the govs don't do more to protect their citizens/legal residents...not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if the ruling elite want it this way...the more easier controlled, if on the dole...!!
(either that, or my perfectionist is coming that, why can't it all be fixed correctly: Now! people/family work/ed hard, darn it...why shouldn't they....!! :/ :)
...things seem so much clearer when one has consumed a few glasses of red wine!! ;)

thanks for your words of wisdom...
"Just tuck in guys and do your best with honourable intent." :))))x

Angelo said...

I think it is because the emigrants, what our ancestors were, have become a large political force as we have seen in the demonstrations of the recent past. If my parents, brothers, or sisters were outside the United States in some of the many countries that I have been in (I was in the military), I would want them here too. Governments, regardless of what country you may list, are not as open and protecting of citizens as is the United States. With all its faults, it is the best.

Germany does not have the warrant like we do and a person can wake up with the police at his/her bed without a warrant.

In Japan it is not illegal to steal another country’s corporate proprietary information. Try taking you laptop to a hotel in many countries and leave it there unmonitored.

Many other governments do just whatever they wish, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.

Like Dorothy said, there is no place like home.

They want it too. I have no grudge against most emigrants, legal or illegal; they mostly work and want just to make it. I enjoy the diversity. If we let them work and pay taxes all would be better; if they have to hide, then we lose the tax dollars to pay for whatever program the silly government would find to spend them on. I have a grudge against our own citizens that don’t work. I see that all the time.

I also want the government to do something to stem the flow of just anyone that wants to get into the country; that is dangerous, especially now. We must have a balance here. My wife and I pay taxes every year, enough for a family of four to live on for that year. Why? If I did not have to pay those taxes, I would be a better consumer purchasing more products, and that is jobs. Multiply that by the remainder of the tax paying citizens and that would be a lot of jobs. I do not have an excessive salary; it is good, but no where near best. My vacations are close to home usually, only once did we vacation outside the United States and we penny pinched for that trip.

1. The Government should have a better plan for controlling the borders.

2. The Government should have a better immigration policy with smart decisions.

3. More people paying taxes and lowering all of ours. Especially mine!

Our history: My wife's and I are native born U.S. citizens. My wife ancestors were naturalized in the United States during the 1800’s and my ancestors were naturalized during the early 1700’s when we were governed by England.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Angelo, thanks for commenting!

I agree, the US is one of the best countries to live in with regards to rights, and standard of living. I also love the diversity of the immigrants. My sis-in-laws are from outside the US (Latin Am) and I'm first gener. on one side (UK), with the other stretching back to before the Am Rev.
(Thanks for sharing some of your family history. Side note: I enjoy hearing people's stories of their families, and the surrounding histories... sort of like a living history!)

I agree with much of what you said. I don't begrudge the immigrants for wanting something better, but as you said, the government needs to be better involved with things. I do question the whole tax thing, and how much of their monies are being sent back to their home countries, and our health and education systems being overwhelmed. Again, a government issue.

Sometimes, I get more upset with the homegrown slackers...esp when I think of the others in the world with so much less, yet who are probably much more grateful for the help they do receive.