Friday, November 16, 2007


My friend introduced me to the music of Enya of whom I was unfamiliar. This one song caught my attention for two reasons. One was the title, Boudicca, the ancient warrior queen who stood her ground and fought for justice for her people; even though the end was tragic, her courage to take a stand ultimately led to a less oppressive Roman rule.
I like the quote : by Eleanor Roosevelt, "A woman is like a teabag-only in hot water do you realize how strong she is." History has shown us countless times of 'ordinary' people caught up in 'extraordinary' circumstances which have revealed the character traits of courage, integrity, and compassion. I'm currently writing an essay on Character, and would love to hear your opinion on what is Character, or what is lacking in Character with today's Society.
The second reason was the beautiful space photos. The vastness of space, and here we are on this tiny planet some trying to blow it up, some trying to live peacefully. As I've been thinking a lot about what is Character, and what I've observed with today's Society, I would like to draw attention to the heroes we have around us. Who or what do you define as a hero??
I read a lovely story on the Scotsman today of an injured Bosnian infant being given a new lease on life due to people who cared enough to get involved . My teen heard about a charity helping kids, and wanted to donate as she decided to shorten her waist length hair There was a child-less couple that adopted a prematurely born drug-baby from the NICU/SCBU where I work, knowing that this infant may have difficulties. When we turn on the news, we are barraged with the negative; as I've mentioned before, Life is a Balancing Act. Today, I'm focusing on the positive! (and good luck to Scotland's Fitba Team!!!!) :)


storyteller said...

Wow ... thanks for another thought-provoking post and wonderful video. I've enjoyed Enya for almost 18 years after a friend introduced their music to me. These images from space are awesome indeed, and I'm reminded of a sign I've seen posted in National Parks saying "Take only photos, leave only footprints."

I wonder how much "junk" we've left out there in space and if there's any way to reclaim, reuse, and/or recycle any of it.

I applaud your efforts to seek balance in today's often crazy world ... and appreciate you sharing so generously with the rest of us. I shall give consideration to the issue of "character" that you've raised here, and perhaps return to comment if time permits. :)
Hugs and blessings,

Endlessly restless said...

Fantastic images. I actually used some of these (from the hubble site) in a presentation that I gave recently - the topic was commissioning social care from the voluntary sector (you probably had to be there).

Dag Hammarskjold said : "Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions." It seems to me that this goes some way towards defining character.

As for the fitba' - there's always next time!!

Scots said...

footie .... ho hum ... next time maybe lol

His Girl Friday said...

Hi all, thanks for commenting!

Sorry about the loss, guys. I actually haven't seen the match as Sunday we were busy outside (it's still shorts and teeshirt weather here....(which is actually quite disturbing when thinking of drought, fires, and next summer)
Anyway, I understand Scotland played quite well :) (hope yer heids weren't too saur!!) :)

yes, Storyteller, I'm putting together an essay on character( or lack of in today's society), and would love input from different sources, esp with the variety of experiences and opinions! :)

ER, I like your quote...and I find interesting that today's quote is:
"We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it."
Dwight D. Eisenhower
I do believe that we shouldn't compromise on the important things just to have little peace...apeasement really isn't the answer, although I do believe in open discussion on differences, even if it's to agree to disagree!
(..."you... had to be there"....funny!)

Megan aka Melting Wispa said...

Great piece of music and the visual effects were stunning. It reasonates with the soul.

What is character? Now that's a 64 million dollar question. It's a huge subject matter you are tackling there (good luck). I'm not sure I can give it justice but in a nutshell and speaking from within I would say for me, character is essentially the traits with which you are born and which you have inherited through your genes from your parents and grandparents. These I believe are what essentially make you the person you are.

I also believe character can change through life's experiences and lessons, through life choices one makes or through circumstances and situations one goes through.

Sometimes character can change for the better, sometimes for the worse. If this happens I believe it is essentially because of the character traits you have to start with.

You've certainly given me food for thought :-)

Ignore the name by the way - I'm still trying to figure out how to put my own identity back before I become really confused and go totally barking mad!

Fuchisa Girl

his girl friday said...

ha, ha, Fuschia Girl, ya gave me a start!!!
Try switching Megan's blog identity to a new email address for signing on, and her blog can be linked via that email..if that makes sense.

as for character, you've mentioned some things I've been thinking on...yes, this is a big piece to chew on but I'm collaborating with another writer who is actually doing the majority of the psych/social aspects for it...I'm more or less providing the framework...keep fingers crossed, the goal is for it to get to print someday?! :/ :)

Anonymous said...

Allright doll howzitgaun?..'character' aye some topic...'full of character', 'lacking in character'..'what a character!'..personality traits that make a human being. People can be larger than life and be a 'character' or be quietly unassuming and have 'strength of character'...maybe your character is your soul, spirit, whoohoohoo..whatever you wish to call it...My choice of character is..Da Da..wait for it..HARRIET there was a wonderful woman of character...'wanted dead or alive' and still she returned to free her fellow slaves...When's the bloody film coming out Hollywood?

Y'all have a nice day!...


His Girl Friday said...

Howdy Ms HC!
Howzitgaun yersel?! thanks for your words about Character...I knew you'd have a good perspective on things!!! :) Harriet Tubman was a woman and a half!! It's incredible what people can accomplish. You always wonder what made them the way they were/are; and it's never taking a walk on 'easy street' is it!! :/ :)
I'll check on the film, haven't heard much about it in the adverts.

Thanks for stoppin by!! :))

Jordan said...

Excellent music. I have all Enya's CD's except the several she put out with the same songs.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Jordan, welcome!
I've only listened to the YouTube videos; I find her voice hauntingly beautiful! :)

Jordan said...

Enya has been a special artist for me because her music is ethereal and when I hear it, I can for that movement, leave my present surroundings and see in color other places and events. I can be there! Visualizations and color do not happen often for me. I do not consider myself very creative in regard to the arts, but with Enya’s music I am. I am there on the vessel when she sings the Oronoco Flow; I am on the vessel each time it sails ... I can now be there without her music actually playing. That is new for me. I am there in blues and greens, I actually see colors with the music, the music is color, I am not sure which. All her music is just as good, such as the one you reference. That song is also excellently done by Steve McDonald, I like Steve McDonalds best of the two. The music and the words take me to other places. “The pain of her daughters … 20,000 dead … took her own life … the Warrior Queen. Interesting, I think of “her” as a fellow warrior not as a female. Just think of the power she had riding through the heather, a sturdy brush like the desert sage in the United States southwest only shorter and much stronger, leading her warriors.

This is one of only a few groups in which I can actually be somewhere else with the music. I suggest that you look into her other works too.

Enya has many CD's, but the two titles that come to mind first are: "Enya, a day without rain" and "Enya, Amarantine".

Also try Lorna McKennett. I also enjoy Scottish/Irish ballads. I can travel with the words and music to other lands, other places, and other locations that only dwell in my own thoughts.

Also try Steve McDonald’s “Stone of Destiny”. Have a box of tissue for the second song. That second song is for all ages; not just yesterday. I know of two other CD’s of his, but Stone of Destiny is the best in my opinion.