Monday, July 27, 2009

Walt Disney - Chicken Little - 1943

I particularly like Foxy Loxy's book of quotes


James Higham said...

Hmmm - not sure which way to take the message, vis a vis our situation, HGF.

His Girl Friday said...

I concur with you on that. I'm not sure how to take things nowa days; I'd like to say it made sense ten years ago, but maybe it was all a facade then too.

The 'big lie and tell it often' still applies though.


I love the way they cluck....just like people.
Did you have nice holidays, HGF?

Bring me anything?


His Girl Friday said...

so nice, I didn't want to return...told him inside just to leave me. ;)

Well, as to your gift...were I in Mexico, I would have sent you a lovely Cabana boy to serve you those fresh margaritas to your heart's content. However, since I was up north, I didn't think you'd want a Salmon fisherman; and, they're much harder to wrap... ;D