Saturday, July 18, 2009

Castles and Flying Cars

Was over at another blogger’s place for a fun set of questions; you should visit if you like a good challenge to your mental faculties. :) Interestingly enough in this post, he had a picture of the Neuschwanstein castle. Now I love castles. The architecture intrigues me to no end especially given the tools of the time. I was able to tour this particular castle when I was working over in Austria. The Univ summer school program (I was the liaison/clinic nurse) scheduled a trip up to Bavaria. The castle and the surrounding area were incredible. It’s a rather ‘new’ castle, built in the 1800's. Inside the castle, are huge murals of Wagnerian operas.

Although I had never been to the castle, nor really even heard of it before that time, I felt a strange familiarity, a feeling that I had been here before. It wasn’t until I walked into the inner courtyard that I realized this castle was used as a set in a much-beloved film from my childhood, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. :)

Welcome to "Vulgaria, darling". :D


James Higham said...

You might have been there, you know, in a former life.

His Girl Friday said...

Or perhaps genetic memory from a stray ancestor ;)

Mrs Successful said...

You lucky woman! Who hasn't fallen in love with the magnificence of this castle - it kinda reminds me of our 'other' home ... ... ... aye right!!!!! xx