Saturday, July 25, 2009

Puget Sound Photos

Near Rosario Beach, Fidalgo Island

The trail down, and overlooking the inlet.

Click here for more adventures: Beer at the Barking Dog, and a lady named Lucy.


James Higham said...

Certainly seems a lovely place to set up.

His Girl Friday said...

I'll no doubt miss the blue skies which we have an abundance of here, but I won't miss the heat or the wind tunnel, or the dryness, or the nearness of the gangs/ghetto or the.... ;D

I'll just have to have a brightly decorated room with lots of tropical type things. :)

CherryPie said...

It looks a beautiful place :-)

Mrs Successful said...

What did we ever do before cameras were invented - photos are treasures aren't they HGF? I've just been telling 'Lucy' that I too had a blind date with a very nice lady I met on the internet and we had a great afternoon. Hope to do it again soon! xx

lucy said...

love the photos! it was so much fun to come here today and picture you in person!! hope your travels home went well. look forward to seeing you again soon in the great northwest. xoxo