Friday, July 31, 2009

Limerick Challenge: the aftermath... :)

Had some fun with this. Now as James suggested a 15 minute rule on the challenge, I do think I'm within the time frame. I started writing last night during a sci-fi action film that was more effects than plot. Got some strange looks from my family, though, as I was audibly sounding out the limerick...
...finished up this morning and here's the result:

There once was a girl from Muskogee
who went north to Newark for a hoagie
but to her dismay
they were sold out that day
so the sandwich clerk offered her a stogie.

But, sir, I don't smoke she politely declined
for to do so would find her terribly maligned
by the people back home
who said not to roam
those Yankees have vices, they opined.

So away home she went
'round gents is time better spent
though they too roll tobaccy
they ain't near as wacky
as those Northerners, she did lament.

For Limerick wit from James and friends click here
and for Welshcakes here. Will add others as they create. :)



I am limerick challenged!

But you clearly are not.

* claps quietly*


James Higham said...

You definitely waxed lyrical there, HGF. I second Uber's comment re you.

CherryPie said...

Thats a really good one :-) I failed on my 15 minute challenge!

His Girl Friday said...

Well, mine wasn't a consecutive 15 min so will have to redo to be fair :)

Any effort is a winner tho cause it's all fun :)

His Girl Friday said...

Thanks tho :)