Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitiera Belly Dance Improvisation to music by the Wicked Tinkers

yes, this is for silly week, enjoy!


James Higham said...

Have you tried this, except for in front of the mirror, HGF? :)

North Northwester said...

Thanks for this post: she's a fine dancer, isn't she? But why does mediaeval and mock mediaeval music sound so well with bellydance, I wonder?

Mrs. Northwester does a lot of Goth belly dance and this kind of music is always there somewhere at the festivals.
Must be some kind of film/hippy link, I suspect.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi NNw,

Those festivals are fun. I've seen this girl dance to this band out at an annual festival in Ventura Beach, Cal. They're a bawdy fun group and love to play the "Celtic Roots Music"

...definitely a hippy influence, which is why I probably like it. Kindred spirits to a degree. :)

Which may answer your question, James. Yes, I've danced like this; took two classes, and absolutely loved it. But as I mentioned, I'm not one for public dancing (like this) for me...only private. ;)

Kit said...

Hi, that's me dancing there. :)

The music they are playing is actually a tribute to the Egyptian bagpipes, like the shawm. That's why it goes together so well. The song is called "Bellydance and Bagpipes."

I always get up and dance to this song, but usually I'm only at the Pleasanton Games. I'll be there in 2 weeks... maybe I'll see you there HGF?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Kit, welcome!!

What I'm remembering is about 2-3 years ago. I thought for sure Aaron (from WickTink) introduced you by name....same graceful dance moves! :)

Was invited to Pleasanton this year by a friend (Dave Mooney, great artist, if you happen upon his booth)..but can't make it due to work. ah well. :)

Kit said...

That's too bad you can't make it this year! The Pleasanton Games are my favorite!!

No, I've never been to Ventura... maybe you saw me at another games? Anyway, I'm planning to go this year though! And to the Celtic Faire in Sonora, too. :)

His Girl Friday said...

haha, who knows with my child-rearing frazzled auld age memories.... ;)

Not sure which day or both yet for Ventura...should be fun, though!
Will be 'round where the Tinkers are..
...will look for ya dancing, and say hello! :)