Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Australian love poem

Ode to a Beaut Sheila

(Translations at bottom of page for non-Australian English speakers)

You're the kind of a sheila a bloke dreams about
You drink with the guys and you don't miss your shout
You don't start in whingein' when Sat'dys I'm late
'cos you come to the footy with me and my mates

And when we're out hikin' down some dusty road
you don't shirk at humpin' your share of the load
You don't mind the mozzies, the ants or the flies
and you'll even gut fish with the rest of the guys
Yeah, you're my sort of sort and it's easy to see
You deserve a fair dinkum romantic, like me.

Beaut: Bonza, grouse, ripper, extremely favourable.
Sheila: Woman, girl, bird, young lady.
Bloke: Guy, male, fella.
Your Shout: Your turn to buy a round of drinks.
Whingein': Moanin' complainin' bitchin'. (g is optional)
Sat'dys: (Pronounced Satdees) Saturdays.
Footy: Football.
Shirk: Avoid. Evade. Try to get away with.
Humpin': In this instance it means carrying; however it is also used as a
euphamism for sexual intercourse, e.g.
'humpin a beaut sheila'
Mozzies: Mosquitos. Australian mosquitos are hunted with anti-aircraft
Sort: Attractive member of the opposite gender. This can be tricky if an
unsuspecting non-Australian tells a homophobic male Australian that he
thinks he is a good sort. One usually makes this mistake only once.
Fair Dinkum: Genuine, Dinky-Di, Ridgey-Didge

Noel Free, funny poems
Web Site: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/freeverse/index.html


James Higham said...

Adore your translation.

His Girl Friday said...

Well, I would have undertaken to translate if necessary, but they did come with the poem; I cannot take credit! ;)

(although, perhaps I'll be learning more 'Australian'...I was just recently put in contact with my second cousins who live in Sydney...turns out we each had always been mildly curious about the 'cousins abroad'. :D)

CherryPie said...

Now I am not sure if I am a real Sheila or not ;-)

Mrs Successful said...

Crikey Sheila - that was a ripper! Fair dinkum to you. xx

His Girl Friday said...

haha, I'm not sure if we want to be Real Sheilas....I've seen some of the Australian beer adverts...

pretty funny poem though :)

Henry Lawson said...

Where can I find myself one of these Shelias? She sounds devine!

His Girl Friday said...

haha, welcome Henry L, glad you enjoyed!

George said...

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