Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sierras in the Spring

We've been to one of our favourite haunts of late, the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. It helps to have friends who live there. It also helps that hubby teaches an annual class on working in the wilderness with youth-at-risk; and, the family gets to join in (for the class week, and well, sometimes for basecamp). We usually get to play while he teaches, but then I'll make a big pot of chile con carne, and everyone is happy.

It's busy as ever here in the desert. We've had a wonderful visit from our Canadian friends of whom we haven't seen in years. The kids are wrapping up their (home)school year, as am I. We've had a milestone here....eldest daughter has graduated high school and starts college courses in the fall.
I haven't had much time for thought or should I say one continuous uninterrupted by a child, husband or puppy thought, though the feelings are there for writing something worthwhile (ie the weighted life). I've been enjoying other bloggers' ramblings and writings; lots of good topics and plenty to enjoy and mull over.

I'm still slowly recovering from the car/truck crash. Hard to believe that it will be a year ago August, should I add, that I almost died. Still chokes me up, thinking of it all. I am so thankful to still be here, walking and talking.

I want to recommend Yoga (flow yoga) to help with strengthening and stretching; and, believe me, it ain't fer sissies (nancies n' jessies for ya'll over the pond). Was even reading a while back about an 80 year old granny still doin' her yoga....there's hope yet! ;) Ciao for now!

"Soul doesn't pour into life automatically. It requires our skill and attention"
-Thomas Moore


James Higham said...

Now I came over that way from LA, not that far, of course but it was amazing country.

Honey said...

Great to have you back and active on the blog :)

Mrs Successful said...

Great to hear some inner thoughts again HGF. Sounds like your returning to us! xx Also interested in your flow yoga posting and I'll now have to research it - nancies 'n jessies (hahahahahahaha).

His Girl Friday said...

Hi James,
Where abouts were you? The desert has its own beauty and you can't beat the winters. Still, I'm so missing the green.

Hi Honey,

good to be back, I've missed the interaction, and the writing outlet. :)

Mrs S,
Yoga has been wonderful. In all my athletic activities, I've surprisingly never done Yoga; I suppose it's because of the Hindu religious connotations. However, religion connection aside, it really is a great way to increase flexibility and core body strength; good for focus of mind and breath too.