Monday, June 22, 2009

One down, Two to go

My oldest has graduated highschool. As my old college pal would say, "HTB!" (hard to believe)
Some of you with older children know how fast they grow up. I have to say, pretty much I've enjoyed every step, even the teen years. Now it's off to college and the start of her adult life, yet I know that we'll always be in touch and always friends. We've too many horse adventures to see to!


James Higham said...

Lucky lady but lucky family too.

Peajay said...

Congratulations to eldest on her achievements and best wishes. You have done a marvellous job in guiding her towards a very bright future. One down, two to go! :)

His Girl Friday said...

Thank you James and Peajay.

I would make a joke about 'blood, sweat and tears', but really my oldest has been the easiest thus far. :) (touch wood, :/ :))

Mrs Successful said...

Fabulous photo - you all look so wonderfully happy - congratulations and well done to your daughter! What will she be studying in college HGF xx

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Mrs S,
will give ya all the details in my forthcoming email, :)