Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shiva Rea Yoga Sun Salutation

My Sis-in-Law, a beautiful Brazilian inside and out, encouraged me to try Yoga as part of my Rehab post car-smash. I've always been athletically inclined whether rockclimbing, horsebackriding, or scuba... but I tell ya, this Yoga is great. Like rockclimbing, Yoga is a wonderful blend of the physical and the mental challenge, and creates a peacefulness of spirit, much like the feeling when you summit a multi-pitch climb and just pause for a moment to take in the view.

Yoga in practice allows a person to balance mind, body and heart; it's a wonderful philosophy. I hold to the thought that we are called to be good stewards, and that includes our bodies, 'for we are fearfully and wonderfully made'.
Stayed tuned, I'm hoping to finish my Uni degree in health education, and also take a Yoga Instructor's course. I may be coming your way to teach a class soon.... ;D


James Higham said...

Do you still have to climb a mountain though to do it?

His Girl Friday said...

absolutely not. the mountain pose will suffice. :)

Mrs Successful said...

Isn't it funny how really busy people always find time to slot one more item into their ever expanding life schedule, yet a lazy person never has time to do anything. You're definitely in the first category HGF - goood for you! xx

Honey said...

YES, yoga is pretty amazing. I'm only doing pilates at the moment and it really isn't the same - you're welcome to do a class here!



I used to enjoy doing yoga. The benefits are amazing.Are you familiar with Ashanti yoga?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Uber,
No, I haven't heard about Ashanti yoga, but I will look it up, thanks.
Perhaps you'll start up yoga again in the future? :)

Hi Honey,
bravo to you and the pilates! I'll let ya know when I'm next in your area. ;)

Hi Mrs S,
busy can be a really bad 4-letter word, ya know. ;)


Oh, yes I will take up yoga again. It will sort my back out.

His Girl Friday said...

good to hear that! :)