Saturday, June 20, 2009

Foxtrot anyone?

What do the Scottish Highlands and an old phonograph have in common? Quite an interesting combination, no doubt. Thanks to HideousMan's most recent posts, I've had some fun recollections. One, of some mild mannered meanderings in the Scottish Highlands; and two, some fond memories of fancy foxtrots with my wee tots.

We have a 1918 Victrola and a stack of the old records. On some of those lazy afternoons when the kiddies were little, I'd put a record on and we'd foxtrot around the living-room. It made for some big smiles and lots of giggles.

Unfortunately, the Victrola has sprung a spring, but hopefully we'll get it over to a specialist to have it fixed. Meanwhile, the ITunes via the computer speakers will have to do. I do love these modern gadgets, but the plastic is not quite as warm as the hand carved wood and the story it tells. And, I still do manage an occasional waltz around the kitchen with a tot-turned-teen...much to their exaggerated chagrin.


James Higham said...

Their or his chagrin?

That Hideous Man said...

It's a while since I've seen an LP rotating that fast!!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Hm,

makes one's head fairly spin just watching. ;)

Hi James,
er, grammatically speaking it could be either or neither.
'His', if it's my son that I torture; or 'her', if it's one of my daughters (though technically my youngest is a pre-teen).
And it might be 'their', if I grab more than one child, which almost never happens with the son, because he is too nimble on his feet. :D
Shame really, when he was younger, he would Salsa dance with me at wedding receptions. :D

Mrs Successful said...

Nice'n homely HGF - real family bonding. Your kids will tell their kids - luverly!

It brought to mind the episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Ray's father,Frank, reveals that he hates CD's and much prefers original records. Ray tries to tell Frank that it's the same music he's listening to, but Frank's convinced the music sounds better coming from an old record (complete with crackling in the background).