Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's Six Word Memoir

I volunteered to play the "six word memoir game", brought to my attention by ER at Of 'Dreams and Visions'

These are the rules, as listed by Lucy, on Lucy Creates blog:

"if you would like to play "officially", the rules are below. otherwise, please just leave your own little memoir in my comment box. please please please. ☺"

1. Create a six word memoir
2. Post it on your site
3. Link it back to the tagger's site
4. Tag 5 other bloggers

So, here it goes, HGF's six word memoir:

"Living for today, Living for eternal"

You don't have to be tagged to play, so please feel free to leave your own memoir, in the comments here, if you wish! :)


lucy said...

marvelous memoir!!!!

so glad you played.

Talking Bear said...

Validating struggles, rejoicing triumphs, savoring moments.

Peajay said...

Do as you would be done.
Good one Mel, thanks for asking me.

Lucía said...

excellent memoir, here goes mine..

"By loving me, i love others"

thanks for leaving a comment in my blog, i really appreciate you doing your effort to write to me in spanish (which is really good!)

you said you love tango, so do I! this year i took some tango classes but i had to stop as i'm doing lots of activities . (i do musical theatre and the youtube links in my page are from last end of the year´s performance :) ) the point is.. it made me so proud as an argentinian to hear that you also want to take up tango is such a beautiful dance ! LOL
love, and i'll write you soon.

Endlessly restless said...

It's contagious isn't it?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucía,
Welcome! thanks for visiting!

I'll be back to visit your blog, and practice my spanish! :)