Thursday, May 29, 2008

Captain Kirk for President

This is quite funny, and a tad rude.....


savannah said...

came via bock...funny clip, sugar!
thanks for the laugh!

Peajay said...

Ha ha ha. You gotta love him don't you. Thanks for the funny.

Endlessly restless said...

Funny and rude - how could I resist?

And educational - now I understand American politics a bit better!

Mrs Successful said...

Thanks for missing and motivating me HGF. Started blog again with Boston Legal - why not - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Savannah,
sugah, ya'll must be from the south!! ;)

Hi Peajay,
yes, Capt Kirk rules! (but I liked Scotty's accent better!!;D)

Hi ER,
Resist funny and rude? Ha, we're two peas in a pod!!

American politics.....well, I almost want to say...'it ain't what it used to be, baby' ('baby', American slang, not meant to be a slight)

...what was the quote by Ben Franklin? ' have a Republic if you can keep it' :/

Hi Mrs S,
glad to see you back 'round!! :)

Walter said...
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Walter said...

you ought to be able to run a diesel truck on about 75% veg oil without too many mods, perhaps an extra filter and an inline heater to make the oil more fluid, a friend does that with his land rover and it makes a nice smell of chips and goes fine. Its a big project we have taken on in scotland but watch this space

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Walter,
thanks for stopping by. :)

Dont' worry, I'll keep a watch, and for more fishing stories...which I may be able to swap with ya here soon. We're heading up to the Calif Sierra Mts for some fishing, hiking, and general R&R here shortly!