Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday's Resting and Restlessness

This morning was one of those lazy mornings. Since I work weekends, I like to take a day mid-week and just call it my 'day off', lounge around, read....which usually lasts for a few hours if that, then I get restless and I'm up doing laundry or something! The teens and the wean are still asleep....ah, the joys of homeschooling and setting your own hours!!

I was perusing 'internet' land, surfing various blogs and, of course, reading the news....which is usually dreadful so I skip to the lighter things. Consequently, as I like to share information, useful or not, I thought ya'll might like to take #1 the parenting quiz (which you may defer in sharing your results ;D)

and #2 cast your ballot here at Wellied for your favorite beach. As I'm a Gemini, meaning the twins...I suffer from never being able to pick just one thing...thus the relaxing hammock in the sands of Tahiti, and the cold wintry beach in Scotland. So, if any of you are Geminis, you are allowed two votes!! ;D

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backpakker said...

ah ! its great to just chill and put our feet up for a while...apt pictures as well..thanks for dropping in at my calvin blog-unfortunately I dont get time to update it, my main blog being visit me there sometime

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Backpakker,
Welcome! will come over for a visit! :)

Peajay said...

The hammock picture looks so tranquil but the question would be do like lounging or adventure. Me, I'm more the adventure sort so the Gaelic beach wins hands down.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Peajay,
very astute observation there :)

I would enjoy the hammock for a nap or a read, but you're right, I would want to be up and exploring....and I would get impatient with the, wintry beach for me, overall!! :)