Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unexpected blessings

You're probably wondering why I've posted the YouTube music videos of Ireland. No, I haven't been back there lately. In fact, as I write this, I should have been in Galway about now with my gal pal, and our rucksacks visiting my friend Mick's sister. But as things happen sometimes, our plans unraveled. No need for details, other than the rest of my gal pal's family wanted to do the touristy, guide and bus tour which I said 'No Way!'; she, the puir thing, had no choice in the end.
Now, I've found myself at home with extra time on my hands and, well, I'm loving every minute of it!! If you've read 'Do you want to live forever''ll know that I've had some not so nice news of late. My cancelling of my Ireland holiday has left me with time at home to enjoy my husband's and children's company without the stress of putting in long shift work. As I homeschool, our schedule is flexible, so it's almost...well, what do you want to do today...hurry, let's get the school work done!
So, in the end, although I was feeling rather down about not traveling this year, I am thrilled to being able to enjoy time with those who are most important to me. And, on a fun note, my husband and I have a bet (details remaining undisclosed) which I plan on winning! The reward....we're off to Donegal, and depending on time, perhaps Iona, and some of the other Scottish Isles. Wish me luck!


gordon said...

OK, Good luck.
And enjoy Donegal!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Gordon, Ta!

Lins Honeyman said...

Something to look forward to!

ciara said...

wish i could make bets w rewards like that w my husband! i would LOVE to go to scotland. never been to europe and it's my dream trip.

i see that you the school system not so great there? i know when i lived 20 mins from here the school system there was not that great and LOTS of ppl were homeschooling. my kids went to one of the top 10 schools in the county last yr and this yr they are in the new school that's 5 mins away (last yr's was 10). so it remains to be seen how well this school does, it's half the kids from last yr.

what's funny is stepson asked if i could home school them...i have NO patience for that lol besides, they would go nuts not having the social part of it...especially stepson lol

That Hideous Man said...

Ah - the Scottish Isles... wonderful, I hope that time does indeed allow you!

His Girl Friday said...

Thanks Lins, you're right....that was a bit of my intention!! ;)

Hi HM,
we couldn't make it there last time we were over, so....touch wood/knock on wood!! :)

Hi Ciara,
The bet was something that was spontaneous...planning the time, money and childminding will just have to be worked out! I suppose we've just come to a place where you say...'tomorrow' or 'some day', and well, how many tomorrows might we have? That doesn't mean we should break the bank...but I honestly believe if you really want something bad enough, and it's (honestly)realistic, it can be worked out.

His Girl Friday said...


Homeschooling ( )came about because of a combination of things.

One, was family time, or lack of...we had a hard time to get away or have time as a family....working opposite shifts, opposite days off, couldn't take the kids out of school when we had time off together. Now we just take the laptops and do school wherever we are(pending satellite service).

Two, a curriculum change in the public school that we didn't agree with...very unbalanced in its teaching of perspectives on things,as well as they just started teaching to the state test, rather than encouraging a love of learning or critical thinking. I'm open-minded for the most part so long as ideas/theories/facts are presented fairly and equally, and are open to a balanced discussion. However, the way this curriculum was presented was very one-sided, and well, liberal ( I don't like using that term, because I can be the most liberal conservative!!! ;))
My sensitivities to any form of social programming (without thought, just obey, etc) come from my dad being affected in school by Peron's Argentina, and I've an aquaintance who's dad was (had to be) involved with the Hitler Youth.

Three, as the years progressed we saw a change in the behavior of the school children and the response of the school. My children who behaved, were not being taught, due to the teacher spending so much time with kids acting out. The parents of these kids were more concerned with their child's self-esteem, etc. than teaching respect for authority, self-control, etc. (I think they read too much Dr. Spock.) The schools are afraid of the parents and the word, 'sue'.

Four, low-income subsidized housing has brought an influx of gang problems into the area and into the public schools(crime, assaults, drugs), as well as some private schools (drugs).

My friend, at goes into a lot of what is being seen in the schools, with some philosophy and cognitive psychology....probably better than I can explain it.

Sorry for the 'earful'!! I've definitely learned patience, and my kids are learning self-reliance, critical thinking, responsiblity, etc. They have a choice every year to return to public school, but they do not. I've involved the kids in various club activities to allow for the social. and yes, some days I feel very overwhelmed, but I know in the long run it'll be worth it!!

The concept of homeschooling does take people aback sometimes, but I'm very open to discussion on this. :)

ciara said...

well, i will definitely check out the other blog. i'm not taken aback by's very prevalent these days. yes, we do have that whole state test curriculum here, but the teachers where we are are far more positive. that whole low income thing is not an issue i am unfamiliar with. the kids were in a low income school the last city we were at. they got subsidizing in hopes that would bring up test scores, but no, it didn't. no more funding for them. also, most of the kids are spanish speaking and have trouble understanding, speaking, or writing english. it doesn't help that 1)their parents can speak/understand english and 2)the teachers coddle them by speaking/teaching in spanish to them (if the teacher knows spanish).

and ha ha @ liberal conservative :) i'm somewhat of a liberal, but i ain't one of those crazy ones lol

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Ciara,
yep, a liberal conservative, :)!

well, I understand about the spanish thing, too. I sometimes speak more Spanish than English to my patients! :/
interesting step-bro's mom was German-speaking only when her family relocated 1942(if you can imagine the not so warm reception)....she learned English quickly, because she Had to!