Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Every child has in him an aching void for excitement. And, if we don't fill it with something that is exciting and interesting and good for him, he will fill it with something that is exciting and interesting and isn't good for him"

-Teddy Roosevelt


ciara said...

just wanted to tell you that i got my Daring Book for Girls today along w Slam by Nick Hornby. i'm quite excited to read them and it's been a long time since i've read a book. tho i do confess to recently finishing 1 story from a two story book by nora roberts from the macgregors line. my mil gave me that book along w another called The Overlook by michael connelly.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Ciara,

Well, you've beat me to the bookstore!! I'm glad you've gotten it! I'm definitely going to get 'Daring' for my girls. :)
I don't recognise the other books you've mentioned tho! The last purchase I've made was a rather intimidating book on Celtic Spirituality!! :))

storyteller said...

Wonderful photo and quote. Thanks for sharing and giving us pause to reflect on how things are ... and might be, if only.

Many might make a similar observation today. How interesting to see that this sage knowledge of children has been around for so long in American culture. I wonder how long can we ignore this truth in today's families? Such a shame so many have lost touch with the past, putting our future at risk. Our nation NEEDS this awareness, and it's time to engage in ongoing conversation to reestablish balance.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Storyteller, and welcome!!

I really think that the pendulum is swinging slowly back, not quick enough for me, mind you...but I've also been told I can be a wee bit impatient!! ;)

Mrs Successful said...

I very much like Teddy Roosevelt's quote and think it's probably more pertinent today than ever. Thank you HGF.