Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Braw Blogging and Bayeux

Blogging has been a fun adventure thus far! Of course, there's the time spent thinking on what to write about, then acting on said thought, then trying to rearrange photos and type so it looks half way decent, and just when you think things are in an orderly fashion, the one photo falls off at the bottom, so you have to start all over, again!! Aagghh!!

So, with that said, I've just learned that if you save to draft, because you've worked all day, it's late, you're so cross-eyed you can't finish the post because the photo keeps falling off, and... wait a minute, you learn that when you save to draft it keeps the date you started with not when you've finished....which is why my wee filly post "All Grown Up" is down below on the blog somewhere! The photo here is of beautiful Bayeux, Normandy...not my photo, I stole it from a friend!! (my Euro pix from our pre-kid rucksack walk-about are the old-fashioned kind, and currently in storage) I loved Normandy, the people were nice, and I was in sober awe as I walked along a D-Day Beach.


Bobby B. Good said...

I love your picture. I was there once with a wonderful lady friend whom I am still in love with. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Scots said...

Gorgeous picture! xx

His Girl Friday said...

your welcom BBG! :)

I remember that canal, and have a similiar photo...I remember it being really peaceful, with swans on the water.

alison said...

This picture is familiar... to me as well.:D :D

Anonymous said...

The guy who took that photo must be really talented! I've seldom seen such fantastic work!;)

Fuchsia Girl said...

Never been to the place in the photo but I have regularly visited that other place you talk about in your post! Maybe we will meet up there one day and we can swop notes! :-)

His Girl Friday said...

Fuschia girl,
sounds good, I'm always up for swapping notes!! :)

talent, pure talent!! ;)

storyteller said...

Ah -- I learned that lesson right away, almost two weeks ago when my journey into the "virtual world" began. I thought I was being so smart, generating posts in advance to publish when I got busy and/or didn't feel inspired. That's why the first three posts on Small Reflections have the same date. Sigh -- such is life! A few times it's worked in my favor at Sacred Ruminations when I can't quite finish a piece on a given day. I can save it & return later ... and when I publish it's in the correct sequence. Of course by then the world has moved on and no one may see it, but since I've always written for myself ... perhaps it doesn't matter.

I'm glad to have found your Blog through (a comment you left on Diamonds in the Sky I believe). I'm VERY new to this Blogosphere ... delighted to find kindred spirits out there ... wishing I'd ventured out long ago but pleased to be here now.