Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Recently I've had some bad news. Well, at least I could interpret it as bad news. I thought when I was told I had thyroid cancer, that was bad news; and, I suppose it was to a degree. It was caught early, operable, manageable with radiation and medication. I've some lingering effects from it all, but again, manageable thankfully. You hear of others and their trials, tribulations, unexpected deaths. I've seen infants die and heard the mother's wail. My father died of a prolonged illness when I was a child; I remember what my mother went through. I've three acquaintances who lost their husbands. One murdered while working as a police officer, one thru cancer, another in a motorcycle accident. I've helped them as I could, and as they would let me. Still, you banish the thought that it might ever happen to you. Life's too busy, chaotic, complex to be thinking of these things. Well, think again. I've just found out that my husband is having symptoms that are needing the evaluation of an MRI and a neurologist, and may be related to a car wreck last year. What was always an unconscious assumption (of growing old together) is now an uncertain reality. Yes, I've seen all the quotes of 'live today for tomorrow may....', 'appreciate the small things...'. Haven't we all?! Well, I had a good cry; okay, I've had several good cries, some alone, some in his arms. I have come to the realization that the quotes are true and are to be Heeded; and, above all, the hope of tomorrow, although not guaranteed here in this world, but perhaps in the one that faith teaches us will last for eternity.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever."
Mahatma Ghandi


Lori said...

I was actually thinking about this the other day. I had a pt at work come in to the ER for uncontrolled pain from her breast cancer that had metastasized to the liver. She told me she was given 6 months to live 5 years ago, and in the past 5 years this is the most pain she's ever suffered, turned out the cancer had spread to her lung and spine since her last CT. She said her faith in God and her family was what kept her alive the past 5 years. Her will to live and her spirit to continue the fight had me fighting back tears myself for her.
So I agree with your post 100% You just never know what can happen.
I wish the best possible outcome for your family!

Scoobers said...

Agreed. I think working in nursing makes all of more appreciative of what we have, time included.
I have spent a good part of the last couple of days dwelling on this exact matter.

Lori, don't fight it.

PJ said...

Sorry to here your news HGF will be praying for a positive result.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi, thanks for your posts! Testing and MD visit on Monday....my hubby is tired but feeling good all in all...chin's up! :)

ciara said...

(((hgf)))hope everything is fine. keep us posted.

storyteller said...

My prayers are with you both as you await test results.
Hugs and blessings