Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, the Drama

Election Day is looming upon us. Everyone is anxious to know the results. The air is charged with excitement and aprehension as we ready to march off towards the Ballot Box. Will there be riots in the streets, will there be celebration? Even the Prairie Dogs are nervous.


lucy said...

thanks for the comic relief. we need it!!!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,

My kids showed my these, and I thought and I had such a laugh.

Yes, can't wait till it's over, and hopefully, regardless who wins, all will work out for the best. I'm REALLY trying to stay positive, as I'm not happy with either candidate, nor believing in all their 'promises'.

His Girl Friday said...

oops, sentence error due to kid interruption....should read:

...and thought I might use them for a post; I had such a laugh with them... :/


Mrs Successful said...

I woke around 5am the other morning to see if the results had progressed from when I fallen asleep around midnight(our time).

I couldn't believe a new President Elect had been chosen. Big difference from last time eh?

I'm sure there will be mixed opinions on whether everyone agreeing if Barack Obama should be your new President, but no matter what, I hope he's good for your country and the knock-on effect he will have around the world.

Congratulations and good luck - xx.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

haha, that was too cute! So, are you happy with the results?!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Mrs S and Wayfaring Wanderer (and welcome, btw)

I have very mixed emotions with the whole thing, as neither candidate really 'floated my boat'.

Obama may be good for overall improvement for foreign relations; as for the war, well, we'll see what can be done there to get our people home safely, while continuing to address any terrorist realities.

Domestically I'm not too sure. We'll have to wait to see re. the "redistribution of wealth scare" and the definition of who the "wealthy" are and how much our taxes will be going up. I'm all for helping those less fortunate. However, I see first hand what entitlement programs create, and they usually aren't people who are thankful or grateful for being helped. Also, gov. bureaucracy esp. with Medicaid is rife with fraud, and that should be addressed before any more programs are created.

I do want medical access for all, but the universal health programs already in place in Hawaii and Mass. are not as effective and affordable as originally we'll have to wait and see what improvements can be made. New Zealand has a good national health programme, perhaps we can look and see how other ones are run.
Hey Mrs S, what about the NHS?...I've heard pros and cons. Forget about Canada's system, though, the queus are way too long! :)

So, all in all, I'm really holding my breath and hoping for the best. and well, waiting and seeing. :/

addendum: Obama's colour never was a factor for me; however, it is closure hopefully for Americans of African descent; and, the truth of some of what America stands for, equality and freedom.