Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is it School break, yet?

Why must we learn advanced algebra and trig? I suffered through it barely passing, and now my eldest daughter is asking me, ME, for help with her class. I told her, best of luck, can I hire you a tutor.... Luckily for me, she is one smart cookie, and is doing well enough with her teacher's help. I told her, just Pass the class, that's all.... I also told her real math is important, like balancing a check book, or in my case for work, I do use basic algebra, or her dad who uses geometry with his carpentry. And, since I don't expect she's interested in building a space lab any time soon, I whispered it one more time.....just pass the class.


ciara said...

that's how i feel/felt. numbers and i never really got along. hehe

lucy said...

oh my, i can relate to this post and i am certain my daughter can too!!

Mrs Successful said...

Math: an unknown territory for me (or another way of saying I'm a dummy?!).

A young person can never know where life will take them. careerwise. and it's better to have a math's qualification safely tucked in their pocket for future use.

When I watch how excited people get about math, I get a little bit envious that I don't know what they're talking about; it's like speaking a foreign language - all I want to do is learn it, but I never make the effort.

Some things are better learned young and built on as the need arises - and your daughter will be telling her daughter the same thing in years to come - of course she'll have her qualification by that time!

I know this reminder: "the square on the hypotenuse of a right triangle, is equal to the sum of the squares on the two adjacent sides". I hope that knowledge will get me into heaven when St Peter's handing out free passes, but somehow I don't think so! xx

His Girl Friday said...

and the area of a circle is Pie (not in your face) r squared...

math: one of those four letter words.... :D