Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer Visitor

The desert has lots of brambles, sage, and goatheads but in the many years of living here, rarely have I seen thistles. In fact, in the past few years I've seen three plants; two of them were found in our yard separate years, separate sides of the house, the other was at my work out in the parking area. Somehow, I just find this strange....maybe there's a message? I have been praying about a few things on a consistent theme for these past few years.
Or, maybe I'm just full of silly notions and I just need to see to the weeds? :)

“The kingdom of God does not come visibly … because the kingdom of God is within you.”
--Luke 17:20-21


lucy said...

for some reason i have always thought thistles were really beautiful...i guess it's all in how we define what becomes a weed and what is a flower.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,

I've always thought this thistle beautiful, as well. Phew, it has some nasty thorns, though! :)
Were it not in our walkway, I would have left it.

Endlessly restless said...


Maybe you tune into thistles because of your Celtic connections. Over here it's our national flower and, unsurprisingly, is very common. Some varieties have been hybrid-ised as garden flowers, but the simple original is still the most beautiful in my opinion.

I sometimes wonder if it's the perfect flower to represent our nation - beautfiul and prickly!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi ER,

hmm, perhaps it is the best flower; ya'll can be a bit stroppy as much ya'll can be charming!! ;D
However, that would include me in that pretty and pretty prickly description as well!! At least, TB would say so!!! :DD

Endlessly restless said...

Aye - the pain meds might be making your head foggy, but I guess you're recovering as you've reverted to being cheeky about my heritage!!

Seriously, I hope you are recovering well.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi ER,
haha, yes, I am feeling better. Still getting about with crutches and have some trouble sleeping with the neck and back issue. However, I am managing quite well all in all...and I'm even doing my best to follow the doctor's orders. :)

now, as to my teasing you...yes, guilty as charged, but I would hope you see it as a compliment, my blog pal! :)

storyteller said...

Beautiful … and oh so wise ;--)
I’ve left something for you and that lovable Talking Bear at Small Reflections this morning.
Hugs and blessings,