Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There's no real title to this post other than I'm in shock. Not in shock that my cousin would post a photo of us, not the shock that she would most likely have spent hours digging through old photos, not the shock that we were newly married and really able to go overseas for a visit, it's just the fact that it was oh, so shocking that we looked soooooo young!! ;) Really, was I ever that young (24). Time does fly, and darn it, I've earned every wrinkle. TB asked, 'if I could crawl through that picture, what would I tell myself?' Unbelievable, was the word for the evening!!
(so....., blog readers, where are your youthful photos stashed?, care to share?!) ;DD


laurie said...

oh my gosh, that is an adorable picture. and you do both look very, very young. what a nice surprise (and probably a bit of a shock, eh?) for your cousin to do this.

Ron Bury said...

Congratulations on your 24 years and best wishes for the next 24.
All the best from Scotland

Mrs Successful said...

As well as looking young, you look so darned happy! Great photo.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I think the picture is lovely. Your cousin did a nice thing there.

Happy anniversary to you both. Here's to 20 more!

His Girl Friday said...

Welcom Ron!

and thanks all! that photo was taken by my cousin when we were at her house for a visit. We were on a 4 month walk-about in Europe and the UK. Lots of good memories!

His Girl Friday said...

thanks to my very 'straightforward' friend from Fife who said to me today:

"A handsome couple, despite the 'jumblesale' look! :DDD"

...hey pal, may I someday return the compliment!! ;)x