Thursday, November 12, 2009

Request to sign 14yr old cancer patient's guestbook

Hi all,
This is a request for you to say hello to a stranger. His name is Brandon, he's 14yrs old, and he has cancer. He's my coworkers son. Here is his 'background story' as told on his website:

"Brandon's journey began with a slight limp on his right side. We thought that maybe it was a sports injury or growing pains. When it didn't go away and he started having pain in the middle of the night, we knew something was wrong. Brandon was diagnosed with chondroblastic osteosarcoma of the right proximal femur in July 09. By August he had gone through a total hip replacement ,metal prosthesis insertion, and hickman insertion. He will undergo 30 weeks of chemo."

If you're reading this and feel moved to give encouragement to this brave, and no doubt scared, young man, please do so. I thought it would be neat if people from around the States, and around the world could say "hey, we're thinking about you, hang in there!!" or something like that.
Hope for tomorrow is strength for today. :)

thanks! :)

Brandon's site:
(you can just put your first name, nickname, and/or last initial for the anon-minded people :))

"Confidence and hope do more good than physic."


CherryPie said...

Poor love, I am wishing him well xx

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Cherry,
thanks, and really if you're not adverse to signing his guestbook, I'm trying to get people from all over. If you wish to stay anon, you can just put your initials perhaps, or a nickname; and country....just say you saw his story on a blog. :)


That's very touching.
Being somewhat of a peach :), I signed his guestbook ,to let him know he is being prayed for from as far away as England. :)

Hope that cheers him.

jams o donnell said...

Poor lad I certainly will sign.

CherryPie said...

I did try to sign it yesterday, but it was asking me too many questions.

I have successfully got through them now :-)

His Girl Friday said...

You are a peach! :) Thanks for giving a kindness to the young man. I saw mentioned at Cherry's place that you were moving. I hope all goes well with that, and it's not too stressful. :)

Thanks so much! :)

I was waylaid by the questions too at first, thinking it would be just a quick post on a thread or something. Thanks for getting a message through! :)


Yes,I am moving. James was kind enough to invite me to live with him for awhile.

NIce to see you back. :)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Uber,
Thanks, I'm still pretty busy with school/work but blogging is a fun distraction with many interesting and diverse people to interact with. Even the ones ya disagree with at times, keeps ya honed. :)

...I was wondering if there might be change coming with the November winds....
I see rapt discussions until late into the night, including the timeless debate on the 'ascendancy' and 'decendancy' position of said porcelain seat ;)

Mrs Successful said...

Happy to help others less fortunate than myself - and welcoming you back to the land of blogging, HGF.


hahaha One could argue that perhaps I was ditched at the alter or perhaps I did not bother to arise that day. However, I still remain the Queen of Mean[ and throne especially]and as such one makes proclamations not discussions.

His Girl Friday said...

Mrs S,
thank you :)