Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Maj Vare Valkommen" (welcome blessed spring)

This is for all my rain drenched blog pals who are yearning for the warmth of spring! :)



Are you a no-so-secret Europhile?

You have far better music in your country[except for the oldies like Mozart et el].

Anonymous said...

Only a few months to go! And only a month to the Winter Solstice. But I am actually enjoying this Autumn (sorry, Fall) and Winter. My mid-life crisis years may be over :-)

His Girl Friday said...

secret Europhile? haha, never thought about it like that...with regard to music etc; what I like is, well, what I like. :)

Yes, we do have great music here, and others have built upon it.
Thought I'd next add an oldie but goodie music post from my Nova Scotia neighbors.... ;D

Mid-life crisis years over? There's hope yet....but I somehow have an inkling that I will never quite grow-up... ;)
Happy Autumn to you! :)