Wednesday, August 12, 2009

easy post, why not?!

You Are Kayaking

You have a competitive spirit, but you don't like to compete alone.

You do well in a partnership, where you can feed off the other person's energy.

If you have the right partner, nothing can stop you. Your energy is infinite!


James Higham said...

I can do it alone but with a partner is better.

James Higham said...

Great - you've added your url.

CherryPie said...

I am Badminton apparently, let me know what you think ;-)

You are quite talented but not very appreciated.
You are detail oriented, very focused, and agile.
You are happy to forsake glory for success in something you truly love.

His Girl Friday said...

Well, I'll have to get to know you better, CherryPie :)

Good James, but you didn't mention the sport.... ;)


You Are Triathlon
In one word, you are simply amazing.
Super competent, super driven, and super skilled - you bring a lot to the table.
You rise to any challenge, and you enjoy challenging yourself.

I would have thought gymnastics as that was a passion of mine when younger.
Thanks for the test.

His Girl Friday said...

your welcome, Uber

triathlons are no easy feat....haha, gives a perspective of you! ;)