Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Value of Freedom

For anyone who values freedom, especially freedom of religion and freedom of speech, this is a very moving video to watch. Thanks to CT for posting MartinK's link.

On a similiar line of thought: My hubby (TB) and I, with our kids included, had an interesting discussion over lunch today regarding Operation Valkyrie, as well as, the power of control Hitler commanded over the lives of the people wherever the Third Reich dominated. While on holiday, ages ago, we met a German Prussian officer who served under Rommel, a Colonel Hans Von Luck. We were able to sit and visit several times over much coffee; and, discuss things, ask questions as he shared his life's experiences with us. He was a very interesting and discerning man, a man who spoke of tolerance. We were very grateful to spend so much time with him. On this same holiday, we made friends with a German man who's father (was made to) serve in the Hitler Youth, and who was in France June 6, 1944. Another interesting and heartfelt discussion.

A few weeks later, after the time spent in Germany, we were able to walk along a D-Day beach near Bayeux where we found a grenade pin partly buried in the sand. Words cannot express the feeling when you think of what went on that day, or the thought of the life of that man who carried that grenade. Sometimes I'll take that pin and just hold it, especially on days when I'm feeling "challenged", and especially since the August car wreck.

TB and I were discussing tonight, the concept of "the weighted life"; in relation to this post, the grenade pin, and the earlier discussion at lunch. This is perhaps a tangent here, another post to explore. What does having a "weighted life" mean to you?

We in the west are rather spoiled with our 'freedoms'. I feel we honestly need to take into account our convictions, our integrity, our character...and ask, what do we represent to others?
(I think the title of the above mentioned video, "What do you risk?" was quite thought provoking. )


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You could expand on 'the weighted life'.