Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ponderings, Panaceas and Pirate Dice

Well, I had a nifty thought for a post earlier, but with the chaos of the day, the dinner, and the have tos...it just escaped me. It was something about pondering current world events, wishing for a cure-all, but thinking that somehow this escapes human nature, sometimes. Thankfully, there are a few bloggers out there using humour to aid in the dealing with things. So, here's my twa pence and a throw of the dice, am I lying or do I have a pair of boxcars?


Nick McGivney said...

Well it made me smile from here to here anyhoo. More of that in 09 will be fine. Good things to you, my dear!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Nick,
Always happy to bring a smile to ya! :)

ciara said...

hahaha that was cute & funny. happy new year to you and yours, hgf. having a good start to the year? so far mine has been sick & sore lol

Mrs Successful said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - haven't seen that one HGF - we're suckers sometimes, aren't we?

HAPPY NEW YEAR xx I'm off to a slowwwww start.

Peajay said...

Happy New Year Cousin, I'm working on a satellite delay of 10 days. Hope all are well.
Loved the video. Thanks.