Monday, October 27, 2008

Only Time Will Tell

There was a time when a few men went over-mountain with a man named Daniel Boone to the wilds of the unknown in now what is East Tennessee. They went to carve a life for themselves and their loved ones; and, to remove themselves from political unrest and oppressive taxes. Beyond the government boundaries, they met with the local natives peacefully and leased land from them. They worked the land, expecting handouts from no one. Their women and children worked alongside, all contributing in their own way. A government council, known as the Watauga Association was set up to allow the order of law and was democratic in fashion. All was well for a while. Times being what they were, and with tea dumped into the Boston Harbor, peaceful times were not to be. Unfortunately for the settlers, their Native American neighbors were influenced by a king's government who would quash any insurrection. Being self-determined, they chose to side with those who would seek the freedom of self-rule. It was difficult decision for some, because there were Native Americans and those loyal to the crown who were their friends; and, then there were the formidable red coats to consider. Lives were taken, lives were spared but they all had their own resolve in the matter and would not be swayed. History played out at the Battle of Kings Mountain, and as such they say the tide of the war was turned much to the determination of these mountain men....names such as John Sevier and Davy Crockett who might be familiar; and, much lesser known names such as Gillespie, Bean, Lane, Russel of whom I have to thank in part for my being here.

History is fascinating to me, especially stories of people caught up in times greater than themselves. It seems there is always something we can learn from their story. Yet, as

fascinating as it is, I'm not sure that I am one to wish for this responsibility. The American election is looming and unfortunately, I think the ugliness will only worsen. There's a lot at stake for this country and for the world. Can we meet this with integrity and forbearance? How can a nation with a history of great men and women produce the leaders it has these last two decades and into the present?

Some say that this country already practices socialism; yet, aren't helping the poor and needy biblical principles as well? I think what is feared is heavy taxation of those who Do work, only to redistribute to those who don't, but could work. This will only continue the cycle of welfare dependency, ignorance, entitlement, juvenile delinquency, crime and incarceration, and support of illegals; and, to continue to deepen the troughs of the government itself. This is not the ethic that this country was founded upon.
I've investigated both sides of the debate, and have found both sides to be lacking. I see the strengths and weakness of both arguments and see that nothing comes without hard work and sometimes sacrifice. I question the one who is promising so much, he fairly tickles the ears. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
They say if a lie is repeated enough, soon people will accept it as fact. So much of this seems to be going on. Review the last 25 yrs of history, and see what has played out. Take the time to question what is really going on. Count the cost. Vote with conscience and informed decision, not emotion.

We live in a country where we have the right to voice our dissent, the right to self-defense, the right of habeus corpus, the right to work hard and better ourselves despite our social station but there are so many who seem to take this for granted or forget that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. What I don't understand are those who would undermine the very foundations and principles of what this country was founded upon. We have an obligation to ourselves, to the world, and to the next generation to make a moral choice as to which person will be the best to continue the light to so many, that of the American Dream. Or, is it time to awaken, the dream is no more. We've allowed the dream to fade away as Rome self-imploding through moral decay, complacency, corruption and loss of sense of self. Only time and the history books will tell.
"Only a moral and virtuous people are capable of freedom; the more corrupt and vicious a society becomes, the more it has need of masters."
-Ben Franklin


nonprofitprophet said...

yep. i agree. hard to figure out. i like history as well.

Nick McGivney said...

I'm unsure as to where the moral imperative comes from. Is it innate that we ought to drag ourselves upwards? Is it instilled - or not - by parents? Is it a luxurious dalliance by those with the wherewithal to pursue it? Myself, I believe the rot is there right alongside our physical frailty, and we can no more deny it than deny birth and death. Those who overcome it not by denial but by recognising it, owning it and seeing that it is but a small part of what we have while we are here, those people are few and far between, but they are there and their example does shine through. I do not know that I see any example on the stage with the great and the famous of our times, but I do see them elsewhere. I see them giving greatly on small stages, working selflessly for the less well off, promoting goodness and selflessness in unsung corners. To answer your question in my own roundabout way, 'Is it time to awaken, the dream is no more?', I think the dream must abide butthe waking must happen too, and for each one by themselves. I know I haven't yet, not but I've been shaken enough times. I guess that makes me at fault. I know it does. But complacency is so easy. I'm not too sure I'd offer a hotel room on December 24th to dubious out-of-towners. Would you?

His Girl Friday said...

holding my breath here on this end to see how it all plays out.

Hi Nick,
I think it's innate to want to live well, and pass on something better or greater to our children. I really don't see government doing it for us; the more government, the more taxes and more restrictions.

You're right about the small stages...all because someone wanted to do something more or to have something bad cease.

Would I take in strangers? Probably not given this day and age, but I might arrange and pay for them to be comfortably kept at the inn down the road. :)

My, but ye challenge ma thinkin'there! :)

His Girl Friday said...

ps. per the government comment, to clarify, lest you think me an anarchist!;)

I wouldn't want so minimal gov that the greedy profit driven ones would take advantage, as history as shown. There will always need to be rule of law etc, so that fairness and safety standards are in place.