Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miner Forty-Niner, more images of a Ghost Town

We had more adventures in a ghost town, on our holiday retreat. We were able to introduce the kiddies to Yosemite Valley, and then stopped over to our favorite old haunt, the old mining ghost town of Bodie. It's really hard to even envision how difficult their lives must have been. Trust me, I've lived without electricity, running water, and indoor, ahem, necessities. It was pretty inconvenient to say the least, but I was never in fear of my life being 'shortened' due to my choices or circumstances. These people did have this happen. So, when I see the rising fuel prices, that alarm clock is ringing loudly again, or I'm grumbling due to my computer being (currently) crashed, and having to borrow this one....well, I ain't got it that bad! ;D

I blame the following fragment of thought that suddenly came to me due to the lateness of the hour...Much has been talked about of late on the news; and it's hard to decipher what is news, hype, and/or, with that said, here's a totally unrelated quote, other than my above mention of fuel prices; but it may have relation to world goings ons, and our up and coming elections, etc...
-Mark Twain


That Hideous Man said...

Very evocative photos - a similar atmosphere to some of the abandoned villages from the Scottish clearances that we've visited, like Slaggan, where the old school house and a few ruined houses still stand.

Mrs Successful said...

We can only hope looking at such beautiful photos, that the householders moved on to bigger and better things, but sometimes I fear not.

The abandoment also reminds me of the Mary Celeste - the ship bound from Gibraltar, but curiously abandoned. Here's a cute tongue in cheek slant on the ships story, HGF ElectricScotland

Endlessly restless said...

We often view history from romanticised perspectives. It's good to realise the grim reality that lay behind most of it. Of course, it would be even better if the lessons of history could be learnt by the imbeciles/ smart people - delete as appropriate ;-)

Mrs Successful said...

Helloooo - oooeeee - where are you HGF? Looks like the Ghost Town in your blog ain't the only ghost place at the moment!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Mrs S,

sorry I've not been absent. :(

I actually meant to email you a hello, to tell you I was still around!! ;)

Well, I think my laptop is dead meat. The resore disc worked it's magic for about an hour, then blue screen then black, ain't turnin' on anymore.

Meanwhile, my hubby got an old desk top up and running,....s..l..o..w..e..r...than I'm used to, but hey... :) (I can always borrow his when he's at work!!;D)

Life's super busy with teens, work and now, going back to Uni to finish my degree.

I'm going to keep plugged in with blogging...(as a sanity saver!!! haha!) only it will just be less! :/ :D

Thanks for the hello! I do appreciate the concern. :)x

And, I do appreciate the posts of all my blog pals! :)