Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Hi all!

The mountains beckon......catch ya'll later!!

Ps. My computer? is not behaving, and won't post this song from YouTube; either that or there will be multiple YouTube postings here when I get back.


That Hideous Man said...

1st thought - I like the photo

2nd thought - Ah - kids don't jump in the water, you've got your school uniform on!!!!

3rd thought - Oh, it's just a photo

- all in a millionth of a second!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi HM,

haha, I would say you're preoccupied with your early morning walks, influenced by your lack of sleep.... ;o)

Modern technology is such a wonderful thing!! We've found a campground that has internet access. Being that the kiddies have a few more days (hours to account for) of required school...and as we're online homeschooling, it works out wonderfully.

The photo is of a creek, just up the 'hill' from us...I'm not sure I'll be fishing so much as taking photos and hiking. Then logging on later for an internet fix...aaggh, it's as bad as Caffeine!! :/ :))

storyteller said...

I’m doing my best to catch up this morning … can’t believe how long it’s been since I dropped by. I apologize, but life has been so busy that visiting blogs has taken a back seat even though I’ve continued to post daily at Small Reflections and a couple of times each week at Sacred Ruminations.

With friends ‘in town’ rather than traveling and with attending Photoshop classes (2-3 times per week at 3-4 hours a stretch), keeping up with Molly … gardening … and other ‘real world’ responsibilities (in addition to wanting to watch the French Open matches the past two weeks) … lots fell through the cracks.

I enjoyed your six-word memoir and am reminded I intended to do that one myself. Don’t know when I’ll get around to it however. I love the Cherokee story … think I saw it somewhere … (maybe at Peajays?) … but am happy to be reminded of it’s message today. I love Calvin & Hobbs and the C.S. Lewis Narnia series … hadn’t considered that ‘home schooled kids’ might not take ‘summer breaks’ …

Fun to see TB in the video clip of your friend’s project (very kewl) … saw that episode of Boston Legal and cracked up … decided to skip the opera because YouTube was being SLOW … and hope you’re having a wonderful time in the mountains!!! Exhaling as I smile … happy to be ‘caught up’ here … sort of ;--)

Give my best to TB!
Hugs and blessings,

Yolanda said...

I love the photo. Relax and have a good time.

lucy said...


Mrs Successful said...

Looks glorious - and calm. Did you have biting insects in such a woody area HGF? What, do you find, is your main nuisance when you go on outings such as that one?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Mrs S,

well, other than whiny tired hungry children.... (just kidding)

I find that the mosquitos can be quite a nuisance, depending where you're at. At least with the high elevation, we don't have to worry about poison ivy/oak anywhere.

Although, we were warned that if we trekked in a certain canyon, we'd have to watch for mountain lions/cougars!
(and there are the bears in Yosemite, but we didn't see any)

hmmm, perhaps this holiday isn't as relaxing as I thought!?! ;D

Anonymous said...

I s'pose it's easy to find mosquito repellent, but more difficult to find one for mountain lions/cougars/bears.

I don't know anything about poison ivy/oak but will now find out.

Our main pest is midgies. We even have a website telling us where most of them like to live. I really think most of them are in our back garden, but not according to the map on this site.

We also have jaggy (stinging) nettles out in the country. When I was young I was told they didn't sting on Sundays!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lochview,


I've heard about those nasty midgie critters! ;p
...When I visited Scotland it was in Oct. so I don't remember having any trouble. Thanks for the link, though, as I hope to return within the next few years for some Highland and Island trekking! :)

Bear repellent comes in the form of a very large cannister of Pepper(cayenne) spray. As for the cougars, well, not much you can do there except be very aware of your surroundings.

Stinging nettles....hmmm, will have to wear some thick hiking trousers! I like the Sunday reasoning, too bad the midgies don't act accordingly as well! :)