Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Irish Dance - Irish vs. Scottish Dance Off

My youngest brought this vid to my attention. She attends classes for Irish dance, while her older sister's friend does the Scottish (which is unfortunately too far away to attend lessons). I thought it was fun to see both styles dancing at the same time. A bit of culture, heritage/tradition! :)


ciara said...

blimey! it says it's no longer available lol i wanted to see it, too :)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Ciara,

sometimes YouTube doesn't want to cooperate with the blog. Here's the direct link:

Anonymous said...

Tha thu "tagged" a chaileach! :-)

His Girl Friday said...

haha...Mi, a chaileach, ceart ma ha?!

hmmm...fear an sean, dè 'n aois a tha thu? Do tell! ;)