Friday, April 4, 2008

Cops say 3rd Graders ( 8-10yr olds) planned attack against teacher.

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I read the article. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm more concerned with the fact that these kids actually put into motion such a heinous idea, or with the 'experts' who seem to be poo-pooing the whole thing. Sure, there are a lot of good kids out there who would never dream of putting together such a scheme. However, my schoolteacher friend only last year had Purex put into her coffee by a student, albeit he was older than these children in the article. (this 13yr old's father was reportedly an absentee father out womanizing mostly, and the mother was a stay-at-home drunk).
In one of my older posts, 'Are the Monsters in Charge', I bring up the topic of child-rearing, and what is being, or not being taught to today's children. Not to mention the dysfunctional factors as with the above 13yr old's situation. I feel for the kid who has to grow up with abusive, or just sh*tty and/or absentee parents. But really, does it excuse the dangerous behavior or can we say it merely explains it, and, they still need to be held accountable (and the parents, as well). Which then presents the difficult dilemma in defining the level of accountability in correspondence with the age of the child and the depth of the crime.
Mostly everyone I know has mentioned lately, or should I say, moaned lately over either the economy, rising fuel/food prices, and the current political candidates. (prices for things here are still by far better overall comparatively with other western nations, which honestly takes the wind out of 'my moan')
However, what does it all matter if our youth, our next generation, are not raised to become well-functioning and positive participants in today's society? Are we going to have even a larger Criminal and Welfare class?! Are the Leaders of tomorrow, only going to get worse?! Are we as Nation, as a Society spiraling out of control?! Thoughts?


MDMOM said...

I was horrified by this as well. My theory, formed after witnessing some dehumanizing behavior at a b-day party is this: Sending children to pre-school is the cause. Character is generally formed by age 6, the start of school until 20 yrs ago. Home was where character was formed. Now they are put in a hostile environment with other kids, and the teacher,given the pupil:teacher ratio can't possibly sort out, correct and model appropriate interactions. Either they become the abused or the abuser, or like this scenario - the abused who got fed up. What do you think?
BTW I found you on the Teuchtar!

Mrs Successful said...

Yes mdmom - I agree with you very much. I always have an opinion!

Everything is done for the child nowadays. Parent's are not allowed to smack their children (even animals give their children a swipe at times). Parents are encouraged to let their children them have an input in serious decision-making, they're allowed to choose their own designer clothing, throw tantrums as inopportune times especially when it's something they want and parents can't afford it. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

I feel that we should return to the theory that "I'm the mummy/daddy/parent and I/we decide what's best for you and the family as a whole.

There's something missing from respecting other people, their property, everything they work for. There's also a great need to keep up with the Jones'.

Do you know what I've also noticed - everyone shouts. In shops, buses, libraries - oh! Don't start me!!!!!


His Girl Friday said...

Hi Mdmom,
Welcome! :)

I've also heard this about preschool, as in it's making kids more aggresive. I opted to keep them out of preschool, and now even public (UK-State school?). (We are using the online charter school (and yes, socialising thru dance, sports, music, etc! ;)))

I hope to post more on this (observations of society,eg), but had to work two 12hr shifts this weekend, and am seeing crosseyed at the moment. %)

Teuchtar has a great blog, does he not! :)

Mrs S,
Spot on with that!! :) Glad to see you back 'round!