Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Is it Christmas already?? That's alright, I'm working anyway..the travails of a hospital nurse ;)

Last night was a fun 'holiday' night with a visit to a magical Christmas light extravaganza. If you can imagine a cul-de-sac of about 15 houses, all covered with lights and decorations in the Disneyland fashion. Then you follow the sidewalk that has become more of a lighted candle trail in the Mexican tradition-Luminarias; I didn't take a photo with my phone, but the borrowed one above might give you an idea. We walked around to the various houses where there were groups of carolers, and hundreds of people wishing each other well. There were camping style fires in (safety) pits at the various houses, a trombone/trumpet group, and for the finale was a small cadre from the local pipes and drums marching band.

Good friends, warm fires, coffee with Irish cream, and pipes and drums....A great evening with holiday spirit!


lucy said...

Merry Christmas, HGF!!

His Girl Friday said...

A belated Happy Christmas to you, Lucy, and wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

It looks rather Scottish over there. Happy New Year.

His Girl Friday said...

haha, well, that part of the evening, yes! One of these days I hope to come out your way, Andrew, and have myself a true Hogmanay! My hubby can even be a first footer...:)