Friday, December 26, 2008

Green Onions

Well, hopefully the Christmas went well for ya'll! Here's some music to 'chill' with as we wait out the new year; or as my wee friend would say, "all the best when it comes". :)x

This song has fun memories,...sometime ago during early Uni days; early in the year, early in the eve, in San Francisco with this rather inebriated rugby player dancing up on the pub table...ah, yes...rather a fun evening all in all... :)


Honey said...

Chillin' to the best of my ability.

I do want to know more about that rugby player!

Mrs Successful said...

Chillin'?!?!? No option - it's blooming freezin' here HGF! Christmas was great and we laughed A LOT.

Here's one of my 2009 wishes for you - may your good memories never fade - now stop droolin' at the mooth!

Aye - and all the best when it comes HGF(hehehe) xxx

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Honey,

he was good looking,and danced quite well...too bad I was seeing someone else at the time; still, it didn't hurt to look, just a wee bit!! :D

Hi Mrs S,
glad you had a good Christmas!

stay warm, the both of yous!! :)