Saturday, March 1, 2008

Standing sideways in the wind

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras

"If you're short of trouble, get a goat" ~ anon

Our two Mastiffs and Jack the Goat aka weed eater....

Well, it's a miserable windy day here which is like saying the desert is very dry...It's 'mostly always' windy here, with some days better than others. I did manage to get out and plant a bare root Apricot tree.
The photo of the 'three' dogs ( yes, the goat thinks himself a dog) was taken today, and you can see that the goat's beard looks more like a windsock.

No more outside activity today as I need to have a purposeful purpose or have something very wonderful to look at from high up on a mountain-top to be out in the miserable gusting wind...therefore, I've chosen to stay inside. However, I am hiding away in the office from the hoard of loud and laughing children rampaging in the house at the moment (my children and their friends from a sleepover). So, warning if the posts today come up as those of a nutter, well there you go, I cannae be held responsible!! ;)


storyteller said...

It's good to catch up with you and TB this morning. Life's been just too busy lately for me to stop and comment ... (and sometimes even read the longer pieces in GR) because I'm distracted by other things. Today I decided to devote some serious time to reconnecting and it's been great!

The winds haven’t come up here at the beach yet but I suppose they will … sigh! Love the Roger Caras quote ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

SecretWishes said...

Love your dogs how old are they ?

Bull Mastiffs are lovely dogs they make great pets and are good with kids and good at watching over your property

Showing good taste there with your choice of dog's :-)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Storyteller,

thanks for stopping by. It is hard to keep up with everyone sometimes!! ;)
I've not been by your blog lately because my laptop has been freezing up with some blogs/sites when there's many photos etc. So, hopefully we'll get my defunct desktop sorted out or replaced, and I'll be back up and running! :)

Hi Secretwishes,

I believe they're around six or seven years. They're actually English Mastiffs, the differences are subtle with a thinner face/body, and more heigth. They have the same wonderful temperment, though :)