Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Worshipful Song

This is another one of my Christmas song favorites, whether it's sung in English, Irish Gaelic or German. The video was filmed in the Cathedral in Dublin, I believe, definitely adds to the ambiance. (there's another version of Enya's singing with Irish and English subtitles Enjoy! :)


ciara said...

i don't know what it is about enya...i think she's an acquired taste lol anyways, was checking in to see how ya were doing

His Girl Friday said...

hahaha!! I admit, I liked hearing it in the Gaelic!!!

yeh, took an internet/bloging break, but I like blogging and reading others' posts too much to stay away too long!!! :))

storyteller said...

Thanks for sharing. I love anything Enya sings, and I enjoyed listening to this familiar carol in Gaelic in such lovely surroundings. Guess I could spend time meandering through You Tube myself, but getting glimpses like this may be good enough. Welcome back from your "blogging" break.
Hugs and blessings,