Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Egyptian in a Belay Rigging?

How were the Pyramids built? Countless people over the ages have often wondered this. Ancient man was just as intelligent and resourceful as today's version; in fact, I wonder if they weren't more ingenious, because you could say, they had to make do with less? Whether it's the intricate design of Viking ships, the Calanais (Callanish) Stones, or the Sphinx, it's absolutely incredible and a reflection of human spirit that the people of 'ago' were able to accomplish what they did with what they had. With all of our modern advances and gadjets, are there still things we can learn from them?

I've been involved with a team of innovative people who are asking such a question. My husband, who was a wilderness guide, and I, a former rockclimber, were asked to join a recon team that was going to the Met in New York to look for evidence that the Egyptians may have harnessed wind power in the form of kites to move the Obelisks and Pyramid stones. You'll see in this photo, an Egyptian that looks like he's belaying something. This will be included in the second documentary that is currently being written. I'll include the links for both documentary trailers, but you can see the first documentary on the History Intl, I believe. Our kite friends also were just in the news, so I'll add their link as well....they are working on using kites to reduce fuel consumption/emissions for sea vessels amongst other things. Hope you enjoy the info. (1st Documentary trailer) (updated link) (2nd Documentary trailer) (updated Link) (kites at sea)

Pyramid update 10/03/07

Per an email from Dr. Clemmons, the Conservator of the Pyramids in Spain is interested in her current research. Information of a collaboration pending!

interesting link for the Spanish pyramids

04/04/08 Update
Plan to see the movie...

03/09/12 update: Look for the book, Soaring Stones!


Scots said...

Hi there

I have been to Egypt and been lucky enough to explore inside 2 of the great pyramids at Giza - it was a fantastic, humbling experience. The stones are huge and without the technology we have today, I am baffled as to how stone was quarried, brought to the site and the pyramids constructed.

Egypt fascinates me :o)

His Girl Friday said...

I've found Dr Clemmons' theories interesting and am glad to be part of the project. I honestly think the wind theory is plausible. It certainly would give an explanation of how these people moved such large and heavy objects.

That's neat that you've made it to Egypt! Thanks for visiting here!

storyteller said...

Wow -- what amazing resources exist these days at our fingertips. Thanks for sharing. I admire you taking on the challenge of home-schooling and fully understand your reasons for making such a decision.
Hugs and blessings,